Carlos hyde

Should I play hyde tonight? My other options are burkhead, kerryon, Royce, buck Allen. .5 ppr

I think just based on number of touches yes I would go with Hyde.

I’m playing him and Tyrod. Feel their D is going to be on fire at home. Hyde and Tyrod should get lots of opportunities. Hyde is going to get 2-3 GL chances and all he needs is one. Same for Tyrod. I don’t expect much, just enough because rest of my team can pick up the slack.

I would play Hyde out of that bunch

I have Hyde and I’m starting him. He gets volume so the chances of him getting a goal line touch is high. Also out the group you have, he’s probably touching the ball the most.

I too have Hyde, Burkhead and Royce and am avoiding starting Hyde in flex tonight, but I am playing a WR there this week. Hyde hasn’t done a lot with the touches he’s gotten. You almost have to hope he gets a touchdown.

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Yeah, he needs a TD but he has been getting them. If he gets one that’s 3 weeks in a row.

Is that something you want to take a bet on? I don’t like touchdown dependent unless it’s a tie break. Total points is projected in this game as one of the lowest in the league this week and we have all seen bad football on Thursday nights. I am just hesitant. I think Hyde will be fine, but I don’t see a lot of upside.

Allen probably has higher floor with his receiving and has been getting some goal line work/scoring touchdowns as well, but .5 quells that a little. If it was full ppr he would be a strong consideration.

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I’ll gamble on it this week. Home game, high emotions to get a W for the Browns on TV and, let’s face it, if Carlos and Hyde stink it up they are on the chopping block. As least Tyrod is. Hyde will get his work cut in half. Motivation can be a dangerous thing.

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I meant Hyde and Tyrod…

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Looks like Hyde was the benefactor once Baker got in and opened up some running lanes. Hate I stayed away from him this week as it sucks to see nearly 25 pts on my bench after Thursday night. Maybe I still pull out the victory though and that takes some of the sting out of it.


Yep, that’s never fun. At least those points represent total elation for those poor, poor people who have been hopelessly rooting for the Browns and unmercifully deprived of any football-related joy for years.

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Ugh that’s me too so don’t worry. I had jarvis starting and had to pick between Hyde, Enunwa, and Kenny G. The ballers did not seem to like hyde at all so I went Kenny G to limit my risk on TNF dumpster fire and man has it come back and burned me. Jarvis was legit but 23 points on my bench will probably cost me this week.


I played hyde. Don’t regret it lol

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