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Carolina Defense or Detroit Defense? (hear me out)


I own the Carolina Defense and they did incredible for me last week. HOWEVER, I have Shady as my RB 1 and they are playing buffalo so I don’t really want him to score and then damage my defense.

I picked up The lions defense on waivers who did well last week against the Cardinals at their home field.
They are playing the Giants this week WITHOUT OBJ as an away game. I know the Giants o-line is bad and they just looked awful in their game against Dallas.

Do I go Detroit or Carolina?


Is Detroit your only option? If so it could be an interesting start, but there’s definitely better options – Oakland and Tampa look safe.


Oakland is gone but Tampa is there but to be honest, Chicago was scoring last game and looked about the same as Giants. I just don’t know I can count on a team I haven’t seen play yet.

Also just for perspective, the Lions finished with three interceptions (one returned for a touchdown) along with a sack and fumble recovery. More importantly, they flashed a pass rush that many doubted they could and finished the game being credited with 17 quarterback hurries.

Not sure if that changes things for you or not.


That’s fair, too.

I think Carolina is the safer play personally but understanding your circumstances, and given Detriot’s play last week in tandem with the Giants’ awful offense, it could be a solid play.


I appreciate you responding man. I got my fingers crossed over here. He had Houston D and delivered 12 points on it lol