Carr and coop for Cobb and Watkins Trade Advice

Is that a even trade???
10team standard
or Sign a WR free agent???..

both of you lose this trade sorry to say haha. Both of you should just drop theses guys and move on. Or use the names to get 1 sort of playable guy. Like buck Allen or someone. If not, beat him to the punch and get the better guys available on the waiver wire

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Who do you like on the waiver? There’s a screen shot above. Even if it’s for this weeks matchup

If Sanu plays, then Him, if not then gabriel. I would expect bill billicheck to try and take Julio away. If Jordan Matthews returns he would be the best pass catcher in Buffalo. Eric Decker if McCourty shadows the Matthews. Hurns then Kupp. But I guess your right, if cooper or Watkins were out there I would pick them up… but I think I would try my best to play someone else even though you know the time you bench cooper is the time he actually catches balls. ie, both Carr and coop look good again.