Carrying 2 DSTs

Does it make sense: Pats and Bills? Do I hold both until week 8?
Week 5: Pats vs Texans
Week 6: Bills vs Titans
Week 7: Pats vs Jets
Week 8: Bills vs Dolphins
Week 9: Bills vs Jags
Week 10: Bills vs Jets
Week 11: Bills vs Colts

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I think so. You’re carrying a “player” you know you’re going to be starting. How many times have we put someone on our bench we just can’t ever convince ourselves to play?


You are using my own logic against me and you are absolutely right. Thanks.

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Yeah I’d hold until then, if someone is desperate you MAY be able to get a trade LOL

Most of the managers in my league are holding 2 DSTs at the moment including myself. I have Bills and Browns. Once the Bills go on bye, I will drop the Browns.