Carson and Ingram too much for Kamara?

10 team 1ppr.

I have Carson, Ingram, Eckler and Freeman and looking to trade in for one of the top tier RBs.

Would it be possible to target whoever is the Gordon owner and use Eckler over one of the 2? I think Ingram and Carson both have tons of standalone value, where eckler will only be usefull till week 6-8.

Flipping a Carson/Ingram+Eckler for like a Chubb,DJ, or MAYBE a Kamara could be possible depending on their depth

I’d trade Carson and Ingram for Kamara. I’m almost always in favor of landing the best player in a trade.

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The Gordon owner has Zeke and I offered Eckler and Freeman for him.

Eckler and Freeman aint going to cut it for Zeke. I’d offer the same trade you wanna do for Kamara for Zeke (Carson/Ingram+Eckler)

You’re probably right. I’ll counter it with Carson instead if they decline: