Carson and Metcalf for Kittle and Julio

Full PPR. Roster attached.

Should I trade my Chris Carson and Dk Metcalf for his Julio Jones and George Kittle?

Nervous about injuries to Kittle and Julio. This trade wouldn’t process until after this week. Also worried Ridley is surpassing Julio as #1 receiver in ATL.

I love having the RB depth, am I crazy to be questioning this trade?

Redraft league is tough, but based on 2 weeks (I know, not ideal) I’d say keep Carson and Metcalf and ride Hurst.

Id hold onto Carson and Metcalf

Agreed, keep Carson and Metcalf.

Sea offense is on fire and will remain that way if Pete keeps letting Rus “cook.”

You have the RB depth and WR depth to cover for Carson and Metcalf when they are on their bye week.