Carson and Monty for Barkley?

Is this possible? The guy has Penny and Itto on the bench and Freeman as his only other starting RB. Here’s my team:

Jump on it. Barkley is better than Carson, and you still have RB depth with Bell. If he bites, take it. Monty had a big week, so recent memory bias will give him good value, even if he doesn’t pan out ROS. Then you’ve got two top 5 beast RBs, plus Bell in reserve who could jump back into the top 10 any time.

Was also thinking Bell and Monty for Barkley and Penny. The only thing is I’m wanting to move on from Carson because he’s got some tough matchups coming up, has great playoff matchups, And their starting center is on IR now

With all of this he is definitely TE needy with TJ Hock starting for him so if worst comes to worst I could deal Engram or Hooper

I don’t think he’ll take Bell and Monty, but Carson and Monty yeah. Then you get rid a possible liability in Monty, tough schedule in Carson, and gain Barkley. Paired with Cook you’re stupid good at RB every week

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