Carson...AND Penny?

I saw yesterday that Yates and Berry talked about the possibility of starting both Carson and Penny this week. I will definitely be starting Chris Carson, but do I fire up Penny in the Flex instead of Robert Woods to prevent any cannibalization? Or do I roll with Woods’s hot hand?

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im in the same boat except instead of woods i have amari cooper so i have to figure this out tonight what also sucks is my main RB is Dalvin cook and im not sure if he is playing and i also have mattison . this seems to be the problem with handcuffs. I think Penny is a safe play IMO watching the game on sunday he was utilized in the passig game a lot and that really helps his base line

Oof that’s tough that you have to make the call by tonight. I think in your situation I’d lean Cooper because his potential upside is hard to pass up. As a Bears fan Fuller (likely on Cooper tonight) has had somewhat of a down year defensively especially compared to 2018 so I could definitely see a rebound for Amari.

Your point about the pass catching baseline makes me lean Penny in my situation but it’s going to be a tough tough call especially with Woods coming off of a good week 13…

38 targets the last 3 weeks he has played i dont know if you can pivvot from that though its a home game GL man im rooting for ya

Thanks you too dude!

I say roll with both RB’s they just proved this past week they both can be successful in fantasy and they have no issue sharing touches. Seattle loves to run the ball. I just dont trust Mcvay this year cause golf is a system QB that depends on play action and from what ive read Mcvay feels like a idiot for not playing gurley more this year so i expect for him to give gurley a full load for the first time all season meaning 20-25 touches