Carson, breida and john brown for lev bell?

Hey fellas, im 4-2 and this opponent is struggling…
I want bell and the offer i could get was this:
I give carson, breida and john brown(or mclaurin)
I get bell and jordan howard(his schedule is very juice after week 12 and i dont need to play him)

My rbs are: carson, coleman, breida, thompson, ito and malcolm brown
My wrs are: tyreek hill, godwin, mc laurin and john brown
Is Full PPR and we have 2flex

Just need you guys to make sure im not doing anything stupid here!

Bump for a quick help cause i need to accept this trade tonight

I’d say yes bell is worth a lot and is sit and forget with his bye week over

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thanks man, thats my feeling too

I like Bell and all, and hopefully with the Jets finally showing an actual pass game it will help open up some lanes, but I really am loving what Carson has done so far this season. This is tough because I do like Bell’s schedule going forward. Not really sure what to tell you, just thought I would throw my two cents in, but if I had to pick, I would say I think you are paying a bit much personally.

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yeah, giving up carson breaks my heart, but after listening to the pod today, when mike said he would give up chubb for bell, i got more confident on bell, i mean, chubb has been a monster this season and its not easy to let him go, just like carson. In my opinion the are very similar players… bell is probably gonna struggle this week against the pats, but i can afford a bad game if the next 3 or 4 get better

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