Carson for adams

.5 ppr, 4pt QB td

My qb Stafford, jimmy g
RBs zeke, carson, mixon, c.thompson
WR kenny g, woods, mclaurin, shepard

I get
Davante Adams
Matt ryan
Brandon cooks

I give

I’m 1-3 more than likely 1-4… so I need a win next week, does adams play? And do I accept this trade?

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Cmon guys need some advice

I don’t know boss. 4pt. QB, it looks like your teams core is Zeke and the reemergant Carson. I like Adams alot. But the Rams have so many mouths to feed; which wide out eats? I have Cooks too. He’s frustrating. And Ryan isn’t a tremendous upgrade. He’s not “set-it-and-forget-it” anymore, plus the O line is atrocious.
I wouldn’t mind rolling the dice on Adams. Hes a game changer. But I’d need a more reliable RB in that package

Yeah, I’d like to flip mixon for somebody or even mixon and woods, but neither seem to have much value right now… pretty frustrating

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