Carson for Carr?

I have 3 solid RBs and only need to start 2, meanwhile Cam has not looked like the positive regression I had hoped for against SF and BUF. The matchups are only going to be tougher, so I am in need of a safe weekly QB. The Carr owner has Rawls and Wentz, and his starting RBs are Howard, Jacquizz, Gore so he definitely need some help especially after Martin comes back. Should I offer this straight up right now or try to trade him for a higher end QB after a few weeks of potential rb1 production?

14 Team .5 PPR

QB(1): Cam
RB(2): Bell, Lynch, Montgomery, Carson, Conner
WR(2): Diggs, Watkins, J Brown, JJ Nelson, Cobb, M Williams
TE: Rudolph, Fleener

Eh, Idk. I’d probably wait for Cam to annihilate the Saints D next week and then move him and keep Carson. I’ve never heard anyone complain at the end of a season that they didn’t have enough steerable RB depth.