Carson for Engram? Should I do it?

I want to target Engram because I’m going to pickup Jones so hopefully stack those two and get extra points that way but if I do get Engram I’ll have Andrews as well, should I flex him or add him with another player such as Sammy Watkins and possibly get a good RB in return

WRs are Watkins Hopkins Diggs Gordon MeCole and McLaurin
RBs are Chubb Carson Fournette and Sanders

Bump for advice

I would keep Engram and move Andrews. I think Engram has a really nice rest of the season.

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You think Carson for Engram would be fair?

He has Saquon and the rest of his RBs are Jacobs and R.Freeman @quintana22

Yes I think its a fair offer. But you’ll need to do something with your other TE.

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If anything would you add MeCole or Diggs to the offer to help or would u not offer more? @quintana22

If I can get this trade off I can also make the offer Hill and give him Andrews and Watkins @quintana22

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If you can get Engram for Carson + Mecole or Diggs, i’d make that trade.

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@MikeMeUpp the Engram owner didn’t bother replying lol I ended up trading Carson and Watkins for David Johnson

My WRs now are Hopkins Gordon MeCole McLaurin and Tate
RBs Chubb Fournette DJ McCoy Hunt and Sanders