Carson for Hopkins Straight up? Trade advice needed

So I was offered Hopkins for Chris Carson straight up. I am a little desperate for a WR as I traded for Brandin Cooks earlier and he has been hurt. Also something to consider is that Carson has his bye this week and Hopkins already had his. is Hopkins really a bust this year? Here is my team

QB: Cousins, Wentz
RB: Carson, Fournette, Brieda, AP, Mattison (future handcuff)
WR: Boyd, Lockett, Dionte Johnson, Cooks
TE: Hockenson
K: Gould
D/ST: Saints

Is this something i should even consider? trying to make the smart move before playoffs? he would also take fournette but i think he is too much for nuke.

It leaves your RBs very weak. I would not trade an rb for wr straight up with your team.

I don’t think you have the RB depth to do that especially with Brieda hurt and Guice coming back making AP pretty worthless.