Carson for Jacobs

Looking to ship Carson as I believe he will struggle with upcoming schedule and bye. Would you trade away Carson to get Jacobs, whom has a cakewalk schedule through week 14 and already had his bye. Would even be willing to overpay with something like Carson + JuJu to get Jacobs + Smokey Brown. Rest of team:
Chubb, Fournette, Lat Murray, Mattison, Royce Freeman
Hopkins, ARob, Robby Anderson, Gallup

While it depends on your league mates, I would not package him for Jacobs. If it’s 1 for 1 that’s one thing, but I wouldn’t move Juju for John brown essentially. If you’re willing to make that package aim high, start with the Zeke owner or maybe even Barkley. Maybe if their records aren’t great they’d bite