Carson for Kelce/Mattison

My team is on the left the team I’m trading with is on the right. Trade hasn’t been sent yet but not sure if I should accept it if it does come through. I feel like Carson can get it together but his first 3 games all with fumbles scare me. Especially with his last 2 games resulting in him being benched for the rest of the game.

Who would be your TE?
Your team needs help all around with the injuries but Carson is not good enough to trade a top TE let alone with another player.

I would not do that trade. Unfortunately don’t think you can get Cook for Kelce straight up.

I’m trading carson for kelce not cook. And trust me he would take cook for kelce

My team is on the right I dont have any injuries but he just told me he would be down for Carson for Kelce/Mattison.

You said in the beginning your team was in the left. If your getting kelce I like the trade might be one sided in your benefit the most.