Carson/Godwin for Kamara/Hilton?

Other team really wants Godwin from me. I’m betting he wants to counter again with Juju or Cooks or Ridley instead of Hilton. I think there’s too much disparity between Godwin and the 3 WRs that aren’t Hilton. Since Godwin is overall WR1 so far, I don’t think I’m overstepping to request Hilton back.

My instinct is to use the Godwin bye and the injuries to Kamara and Hilton to put him off one more week so I can see how they go, assuming of course I can get him to cave on Hilton. I’m also slightly hesitant on Kamara because he’s got a tough schedule the rest of the way.

If I can pull off this trade I’ll have Cook, Kamara, Julio and Hilton in a 12-man full PPR league, instead of my current Cook, Carson, Julio and Godwin.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

So just received a new offer – I give up Carson and Godwin for Aaron Jones, Juju and Hardman.

Which would now probably make my counteroffer Carson and Godwin for Jones and Hilton.

As it is, just saw about Kamara’s knee, so that would’ve been a no from me.