Carson or Bell ROS

14 team league. I’m at 2-4 due to tough losses so I’m in win now mode but guy at 1-5 is shopping Zeke DJ and Bell. He needs a QB so I offered Carson and Wentz for Zeke, he said he’d do Bell. What do you guys think? Here’s my roster:

QB: Lamar Jackson
RBs: Carson, Conner (on bye), Miles Sanders, Pollard
WRs: Woods, Lockett, Hollywood Brown, AJ Green

Pros: Bell’s schedule weeks 9-14; Carson has one of toughest ROS schedules
Cons: Carson has played better, Bell plays NE this weekend

Do the pros outweigh the cons or should I just stand pat/try to hold out for Zeke since he’s getting desperate?

Technically at this point you should be able to get Bell with Carson straight up. Now of course that’s whatever they think is fair but looking at how the season has turned out Carson is doing very well and is on a Wilson lead offense that is scoring a lot which benefits Carson. Now RoS schedule can help Bell so I would try to get him but I wouldn’t give up a lot just yet. And I’d pass on Zeke. Maybe try and do Pollard and Wentz for Bell lol