Carson or Eagles RBs?

Picked up Carson this morning but would i be better suited to pickup one of the Eagles RBs (both on waiver) for ppr?

Clement is out there? GRAB HIM

Over Carson?

I would. Even though the Eagles are a bit Patriot like with their running backs, no Ajayi certainly bumps up Clement. Clement is the main RB there now. Also, even though they’ve been playing like trash, Eagles o-line is better than Seattle’s.
I picked up Carson last night off waivers but I wish Clement was available.

Last question: do you drop A Jones or K Johnson over Carson for Clement?

OOF- I don’t like either of those drops. I love Aaron Jones and have been trying everything I can to trade for him in both leagues. That’s a def no. Kerryon, it’s only a matter of time before they really focus on him. He is the superior back in Detroit.

Don’t drop players like that. If anything, maybe trade Kerryon for an upgrade. Package him to get an upgrade in either WR or RB. If doing so, then get yourself an open spot, but DO NOT just drop either of them.