Carson or KJ ROS

Who would you guys rather have ppr? The proven usage of Carson or the potential upside of KJ?

Kerryon Johnson

Depends what you need. If you need locked in volume starters right now cause you’re fighting for playoffs in your league, go Carson.

If you have the luxury of waiting where KJ isn’t a must start for you, than KJ.

My RBs: Barkley, Hunt, Carson, Yeldon, Kj, AJ

My worry is, trade KJ, then Fournette comes back, and if A J doesn’t pick up volume, I don’t have much RB depth all the sudden.

I am considering trading KJ or Carson for J Nelson.

I wouldn’t make this trade. Don’t think Jordy is worth it. Is your WR corps in shambles or something?

Slim: Diggs, TY, Boyd, J Brown

That’s not bad at all. Diggs is a WR1. Smokey is a WR2 with a juicy playoff schedule. Dominating in air yards I think he leads the NFL. Is going to lead his team in targets, crabtree is trash and drops everything.

HIlton is actually going to be fire IMO. I’m trying to buy him everywhere. Luck is pushing the ball down field right now so once hilton gets back, he’s going to be that target hog.

And Boyd is a solid matchup based WR2 play with Green drawing all the coverage.

I wouldn’t panic if I were you TBH. But you do have so much depth at RB, you can probably charge pretty steep prices to get upgrades at WR. Jordy ain’t it though. He doesn’t even make your flex spot above these guys.

He also has Lockett and Enunwa. (Deal is, he is my boss and i ripped his arm off trading OBJ for Barkely. This is a tip the scales back to balanced as possible for political purposes. Otherwise, i wouldn’t consider any of it.)

I’d probably rather have Enunwa or Lockett than Jordy. I gotcha. Sacrificing is sometimes necessary to for political reasons.

Given how stacked you are at RB though, I’d rather stash KJ than have Carson. And Carson probably helps him more right now anyway.

Well I left him an open door to send me a trade offer and he hasn’t yet. I hope he neglects it. Thanks so much for the feedback