Carson owner here, should I look to get Penny?

Here’s my team below. The guy has Barkley and Penny on his bench and was thinking of offering Samuel or Hardman for Penny to solidify that backfield. How would y’all go about that? Is it worth it.

Is this a 6 team league? Cook, DJ, Mixon, Carson, JuJu, Evans, Kupp. If that was my team I wouldn’t do much

12 man lol after week 1 I traded TJ Hock + Robby Anderson for Evens and then after week 2 I traded Sony for Mixon 1:1 haha

I’m also trying to trade Evans or JuJu + for an upgrade WR since they won’t be the most reliable guys this year like I had thought. An open roster spot would be great too because OJ Howard is still just sitting on waivers

I would lean to trading JuJu personally, Evans can have the blow up games with Winston still.