Carson RB1?

Keeper league and have 2 first round picks, I would have my choice of anyone besides Barkley, Kamara, and Zeek.

If I end up going two WR first round, I will potentially be in a position to get both Carson and Jacobs.

Thoughts on Carson as a RB1 compared to the rest?

If you can grab 2 elite WRs like Hop, Adams, or Julio and pair that with Carson and Jacobs I think thats a tremendous start. Carson and Jacobs will both get a ton of volume and have huge upside, both have the potential to be RB1s

I would lean Fournette slightly over Carson and Jacobs.

My position is second overall (with another 8th overall) so the mocks are working out where I can scoop up a RB at 2.11 and then 3.2. Mccaffrey is taken at 3.12 and Mixon is taken at 3.1, so essentially I have a back to back 2 and 3.

Out of Fournette, Carson and Jacobs who would you lean towards for RB 1 and 2?

Good point. Assuming that you had Hop or julio and then had the choice of either grabbing Mike Evans, Gurley, Hunt, or D Cook, which way would you go with your second pick in the first?

I do like Carson, but I would rather have Cook, Connor, Chubb, Mixon, Kerryon all over him though. That’s the route I would personally.

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