Carson ROS - Keep or Trade?

Trade deadline is Saturday. What are your thoughts in general on whether to keep or trade Carson (for the right deal, of course)? Yes he put up over 100 against the top rushing D last week, and yes Kenyan Drake did really well against SF, but for some reason I’m still skeptical. What say you? Currently the 2 seed in a 12-team league, 1 game out and playing 1st place this week, trying to make final moves to win a title. Thanks in advance.

He’s got an awful ROS but a great playoff stretch… as the 2 seed I think you should definitely hold on to him

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I’m in the same boat with wanting to deal him. I’m trying to get some sort of upgrade but there really isn’t a ton to upgrade to. I’ve got Cook already. How would you feel about Carson for Fournette? Since he’s on a bye we could swap if dude needs a win.

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I like it in general but it means you’d have 3 weeks in a row with one of your main RBs on a bye. The time for that trade I believe was no later than a couple of weeks ago.

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Keep him, I have him as well. You’re the #2 seed so you need to be worrying about that playoff run. The Hawks’ have proven no matter who the defense is they trust their guy and they’re gonna hand him the rock. I think Carson is a sleeper to have a 20+ point game this week, he’s a patient back, he’s gonna steer clear of Bosa and find the holes. Good luck bud!

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Thanks, yeah I think I’m leaning towards keeping him now, maybe picking up Kamara to go with him and Cook (separate post).

That’s a great idea. If you can get Kamara then definitely grab him!

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Yes, price would be either Godwin or Julio straight up and would leave me a little thin at WR but the payoff potential is big.

For sure, that’s a hefty ass price lol but I had both of those receivers as well. I ended up trading away Julio Jones for Hunter Henry and De’Andre Hopkins so that worked out lol as far as consistency and big play potential along with an excellent playoff stretch, I would absolutely keep Godwin and trade Julio…