Carson trade value?

12 team PPR
Targeting Carson for a trade.

He has Chubb and Sanders at RB (so, bad depth).
At WR he has Adams (out) Gordon (likely out) Diggs (inconsistent) and Agholor (lol).

Considering offering him a RB and WR for Carson.

My tradeable options are:
RB- Montgomery, Hyde, Murray, Howard
WR- Terry, Westbrook, A Tate

What’s a good offer to make to him, considering his needs?

Considering offering Terry, Hyde, and maybe Murray or Howard. Seem reasonable?

bumping for advise, with the games coming up soon I need to make a move (or rather he needs it due to his 2 WRs out - Adams and Gordon)

Is McLauren and Montgomery/Hyde, plus maybe H Henry a good trade for Carson? He’s out his 2 starting WRs, and no Chubb this week