Carson Vs. Fournette

Who’s better in .5 ppr this season?

Fournette’s adp is 3rd-4th round, while Carson’s is 5th-6th.

I’d say right now, Carson is the better value based on adp, but would it be reaching too much to take Carson instead of Fournette in the 3rd-4th round?


I want carson too but im at the first pick . I would have to be reaching HARD if I picked carson at the 2-3 turn., if not most likely he will be gone. So I will just take Penny instead.

if both played all 16 games id take fournette. its close. after id take penny


If Fournette is at the 3-4 turn, take him.

If Carson is at the 4-5 turn, take him.

You will all “Oh hey, these two RBs I took at their ADP are really out preforming their draft capital and my team is really good. Oh hey, is that a #footclantitle? Oh yes, yes it is. I am a happy boi”


would you take Fournette a little earlier in the 3rd? over say… Henry, Jacobs, Michel, Mack, or Jones?


I would take Fournette over all of those guys.


I take guys I want a round early and do not worry about it. Especially if I do not like ADP appropriate players as much. Then, even if I am wrong, I have a team of guys I like. I do not go crazy unless I am at a turn position, but 1 round early is not too much. Especially with the guys around there. It is not too hard to make pro/con for all of them depending on your personal leanings.

FWIW - Carson (who I completely believe in) is going earlier than expected in many drafts. Fournette is likely closer to ADP. I do not think there is a problem with Fournette 3rd and Carson 4th just to get them. Plus, I like the WRs in the 5th and beyond way better than most of the RBs. If I have three RBs going into the 5th, the runway is clear to gobble up all those WRs you want.

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i dont think it is. its really easy to make the argument too, fournette is a big ? on if he plays a full season. whats that offense like with foles and the new coach? does the pass happy O actually hurt him? selecting him first is acknowledging that his skill level is much higher. i tell people all the time though, its not skill that matters to us. its opportunity. i can get more fantasy points than fournette if im given the ball 1000 times. doesnt matter that he is monumentally more skilled than i am. and carson is looking at a heavy workload, with very little questions to it.

in short and without the total BS that i have any chance of being relevant in the NFL (that was for the funnies) i like carson, and im more than willing to take him over fournette.

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