Carson vs Robinson ROS...would this be a stupid trade?

10 Team 3 wr PPR league…in a situation where I have to win every game moving forward to get into the playoffs…I really don’t like Robinsons schedule moving forward and think Carson will be a stud when back but really unsure when he will be back at this point…

Would be sending:
Chris Carson, Terry and Tannehill
James Robinson, Wayne Gallman (possibly Ronald Jones instead), and Tyler Lockett (Could possibly ask for different receiver…

My Team:
Qb: Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Tua
Rb: Chris Carson, Chase Edmonds, David Montgomery, Deejay Dallas, JD Mckissic
Wr: D Hop, Keenan Allen, Scary Terry, Amari Cooper, Marvin Jones

His receivers also include:
AJ Brown, Tyler Lockett, Kenny G, Dj Moore

Have a high waiver…going to try to get either Nyheim Hines, Jakobi Meyers, or Salvon Ahmed

You don’t need Tannehill so this is basically a 2 for 3 for you. This is a tough one. It’s always nice getting rid of a QB who you don’t need for a good roster player. I think Carson should be better rest of reason than Robinson but the injury risk is high. I like Lockett ROS about on par with Terry. If you play 3 WR 2 RB and 1 FLEX and can roll Robinson, RoJo and McKissic with Hopkins, Allen, Lockett, that seems pretty good to me. I think I would make the trade if you really can’t risk missing another Carson game to injury.

Yeah I really like Carson ROS rather than Robinson. Also think Lockett is very inconsistent.