Carson Wentz trade!

Should I trade my gronk for his Carson Wentz and Tyler Lockett

(I have Watson, kelce, dez, Jarvis, and fuller) ppr

I wouldn’t myself. What’s the rest of you’re roster like? And can you stream QB’s?

Believe you can get more out of Gronk, than just for Wentz really is what it comes down too in this trade.

We play a flex w/rb/te so usually i start both gronk and kelce but i have mccoy, martin, robby anderson, the two dallas back up rbs, doctson, and marlin mack

I would rather have gronk than Kelce but you would probably get more in return for gronk. Watson already had his bye and shouldn’t hurt you, you can always stream qbs. You seem to be hurting at wr so try to get a top WR for gronk or kelce