Carter or Sermon?

12 team keeper league, 0.5ppr. Was hoping Sermon would fall to me as my RB3 but I settled for Carter. I’m assuming people are higher on Sermon? Kinda want a piece of that SF offense, I think Mostert and Sermon will have value vs committee on Jets. Thoughts on trade?

I give: Carter, Mike Williams (or Jakobi Myers)
I receive: Sermon

I have Kupp, DJ Moore, Michael Thomas, Mike Williams, Jakobi Myers and Gabriel Davis as my WRs

Or I could just hold Carter for now and see how things shake out, I can use a WR in my flex for the time being anyways.

I’m fine with that trade.

Carter I think eventually becomes solid but sermon has a more immediate path. You can lose Mike Williams without it being anything to really worry about.

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Plus from everything I’ve seen, Carter hasn’t really shown he’s even “good” at an NFL level. I’d take sermon even in a timeshare at this point

I’d send Jakobi Meyers rather than Mike Williams if he’s giving you that choice, though…

…or is this not a real offer, and just your wishful thinking?

Hah yeah it’s wishful thinking, not many people trade before week 1 so might just have to wait and see