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Case Keenum or Jay Cutler?


I have Devante Parker, which would be great for the stack, but I’m not super confident in Cutty this week. Keenum’s got the Lions and Cutler has the Saints.


They’re both gross. Any other options on waivers?


Agreed. If those are really the only options, then Cutler, but I’d sincerely hope there was something better out there.


McCown and Bortles on the WW, but not much else. We run a 2 QB league and my other QB is Big Ben. Struggling at this position right now.


Is that really it? That’s crazy. I’d take Bottles at Jets, of those 4 options.


I hate to say it but I think I’d try and catch lightening in a bottle and go with Keenum. Cutty and Bortles have let me down too many times in plus matchups. That said, Bortles probably has a safer floor.


i decided against cutler this week due to the game being in London and the weather.