Cash Dynasty Startup, Leaguesafe and Sleeper


$60 buy-in, once every 3 years. Additional $25 per year ($85 for first year, then only $25 for next 2 years, $85 again for 4th year, etc.)

4 Divisions, 3 Teams each

6 playoff teams: 4 division winners, 2 wild cards. Top 2 get a bye.

Championship Winner: $300

Championship Loser: $80

Most Points in a week (All 16): $10

There will be an initial startup draft with vets and rookies together. Subsequent years will be rookie-only draft that go in linear order.

Consolation Bracket

1st pick: 2 bottom teams battle weeks 14-16. Team with most points gets the top pick

2nd pick: Team with less points is 2nd pick

4 Other Non-Playoff Teams

3rd pick: Team with most points in weeks 14-16 wins the 3rd pick

4th-6th pick: Regular Season record in reverse (Worse record gets 4th pick, etc…)

Waivers are FAAB. $100 for the offseason and $100 during the season.

PPR Scoring, 6pts per passing TD

2 RB
3 WR
2 TE
2 Flex
1 Superflex

16 Bench Spots
5 Player Taxi Squad