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Cash in on Godwin? SFX Dynasty

I have been offered the 1.09 and the 2.02 and 2.04 in exchange for Godwin. Is now the time to sell Godwin based on the unknowns for his QB status next season? Not to mention injury concerns?


if so get more. godwin imho is the more qb proof asset in tb. evans is a jump ball specialist predicated on a qb having a dgaf mentality. hence, winston worked out perfectly for him. should they move on, godwin has a skill set any qb can leverage. this season was not a fluke to me. he is one of my only strong hold, but that said everyone has a price. to me, his price is higher than that.

i have no more injury concerns with him than i do with any other player. he is pretty reliable and the hamstring this season does not concern me. in contrast, take a look at how many rookie players miss time with a hammy, and most of them do not go on to prove out as good as godwin.

having said all this, it depends on your team. i love this draft class and there are solid players there. if you need depth with upside potential i can see that trade. however, i believe you could do a bit better. do you have any picks in the first?

That’s not enough return to sell a top 5 dynasty WR. Gonna need an early first instead of the 1.09 to even think about it, but I’d still decline

Thanks for the replies, guys. @keith_ferguson, @octoberland.
I did some more thinking last night and I am starting to think I should hang onto him for now. Arians’ offense is friendly to WR and it doesn’t necessarily make sense to lose a proven, young talented player in exchange for prospects.

Thanks for talking me off the ledge! haha

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it does get easy to be swayed into the young picks and hot rookie hype. being honest i decided to put a team through that rookie cycle and sold off many studs. I think it will work out as it will be a super youthful squad. i do not typically (ever) do this, and am always moving picks for players. I just wanted to do something different. otherwise my advice / suggestions given is how i would play it in a normal league. i think you are smart to hold on Godwin.

I have the 1.04 in this upcoming draft anyway (Funny story…sold James White, Peyton Barber, Justin Watson and my 2nd and 3rd round picks to the 7th place team in exchange for D.J. Moore and his 1st rounder. It was amazing) So I still get a shot at a 1st round rookie anyway.
I was thinking it would just be nice to have multiple 1st rounders from this draft class.

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wow! tremendous deal on that trade. if i were you, i would just stand pat, enjoy godwin / moore and your 1.04 :slight_smile:

if you are looking for more picks, snatch up those round 2 picks. there is some sneaky value there and (unless you need RB) there will be contributing players for years to come. I have been moving my slightly older players for those picks. just a thought!

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