Casrson -- 39+ Pts Tonight?

Oddly enough, after trying to trade Carson a few times before the deadline, now the deadline has passed and I’m relying on him to come through for me tonight. My opponent has played everyone, all I have left is Carson and I need at least 39 points from him to win. 1st place is on the line. It’s not out of the question – I think RBs have put up 39 or more 7 times or so this season, plus Drake did well against them last week and I believe Carson to be superior to Drake.

So what do you think are the chances Carson has a 40 point night? Full PPR, thanks loads.

Tbh that would be a miracle game. I’ve got him in a 1/2 ppr league and he has never cracked even 25 points before in my league. You’d have to hope he gets at least 30 carries and falls into the Endzone on like 4 or 5 1 yard TDs

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Good luck man!

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I doubt it, but you never know. If carson was playing agaisnt the bengals i would still doubt 39 points…but its fantasy never know, good luck

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Thanks, likewise. I wouldn’t even be in this position if Godwin and Julio had performed to expectations. Then Carson would probably just have to have an average game tonight. But, here we are.

I think I’ve pulled off 2 miracles this season already, one where I was behind and had only SF DEF and the other team had Mayfield & OBJ, and SF totally shut them down; and the other where I was all done and my opponent just needed 6 points from Gurley and only got 4. But perhaps my quota of miracles has run out. We shall see.