Cave and trade cmc?

Need some advice. Thinking about trading cmc. I don’t want to but I Need to fix up my RB situation and can’t wait another 3-4weeks. It’s full PPR 3 player keeper, which is my only hesitation about trading him. But if I do, what is his value while injured. Who should I look at targeting. Can also trade draft picks for next season! Thanks in advance

Being a keeper I’d be inclined to hold him. This season might be rough but cmc is when healthy am unfair advantage especially in ppr. I’d personally look to paper over cracks, sneak a .500 record whilst he’s out and hope to push for playoffs still.

Yea just need to stay afloat. I was just a rough weekend up so it got me tilting a bit lol. Was considering trying to get drake after 2 down weeks. I think he will bounce back. I’m wondering if Montgomery and maybe green would work throw in a late pick if I have to

I’d prefer that myself. Buying on drake, keep afloat until cmc is back and suddenly everything is possible