CB Patrick Surtain vs Ravens WR’s

Which of the Ravens WR’s do you anticipate Denver CB Patrick Surtain will be covering this week? He has been lockdown so far and I have Hollywood Brown. Should I pivot?

My other options are Robert Woods, Christian Kirk and Cordarelle Patterson.

I’m guessing it’s Brown. Even if Bateman plays, I think Denver might be more concerned with the speedy deep threat than the rookie coming off a groin injury.

Who are your pivot options?

Robert Woods, Christian Kirk and Cordarelle Patterson.

This might sound crazy, but I’m starting Patterson all day over those options. The WFT D is going to be pressuring Ryan a lot and he’s going to have to check down a ton. I think this could be another big game for Patterson in PPR, especially full PPR. So if your league is PPR I would be taking the floor and upside of Patterson. I think you can get 2 more good weeks out of him and then try to trade him for a WR before he has to play the Dolphins after the bye.

If it’s crazy then it might be crazy enough to work! I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

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Before you go bold, which is what I would do probably, who else are you starting?

Marvin Jones is my other wide receiver. He offers a decent floor in full PPR and has been pretty consistent. Apart from maybe Kirk and sometimes Hollywood Brown, I don’t have any WR’s with a high ceiling. I drafted AJ Brown and Jerry Jeudy but seems unlikely that I’ll get any real production from them rest of season.

I feel you. I also drafted AJB, but I do think I’ll get value from him later. I would definitely be starting Marvin Jones (I’m starting Chark and think they’ll both be good tonight). I have Aiyuk and Anderson and I’m debating on Patterson instead of one of them myself.

I’m starting Chark because I can then decide on Robby/Aiyuk/Patterson after tonight based on what Chark does. You’re in the advantageous position of doing the same with Marvin Jones.

Why is Robby Anderson in consideration? I’d say he’s the least reliable. I’d personally choose between Aiyuk and Patterson. Aiyuk may ball out in a shoot out against Seattle and Patterson offers a decent floor.

With no CMC playing, the Carolina WRs are probably going to get more targets. Carolina also has a very good run defense. I expect this game to be a shootout with Carolina playing from behind for most of the game. I think this is the week to play Anderson and then immediately sell high on him if he has a big game.

However, if Chark has a big game tonight, I might pivot and play Javonte or Patterson over Anderson.

Aiyuk is in play for sure. I have to start 2 flexes in my league and he’s one of them.

Whelp… that was disappointing. I need a boom play this week and I think Christian Kirk might be at play here over Patterson.

I hope you played Patterson. I didn’t…and I played Chark… ugh

I did! But Marvin Jones and Cinci’s defense killed me. I need Derek Carr, Austin Ekeler and Darren Waller to score a combined 70 points for me to win.

That is just the worst…when you have a guy blow up like that and still lose. I remember either last year or the year before when Fuller put up over 60 in PPR and I started him and still lost…