CBS Trade value chart

does anyone actually follow the values between cbs and fantasy pros. Can you offer trades based on those numbers or does no one really think they are super accurate and not to be trusted?

I don’t ever make trades based on them but I’ll check it out for a second/third opinion. Not crazy about them

the values would help my side of the debate for a trade which is why im curious. If the charts are not well valued i dont want to use that in conversations over it

If they help you make a trade you want to make I don’t see anything wrong with using them. I use them to clarify that a trade I am making/accepting is fairly fair, but don’t use them as gospel.

I just feel like it doesnt value the rb position as much as it should which is good in my case trying to get henry. hes only valued at 26 on cbs and 29 on fantasypros. Ertz and sutton combo to be 34 which suggests thats giving to much but idk if it really is at all. Hollywood and ertz would be 31 still… you can see how it doesnt seem quite right.

In my experience trade value charts are only valuable if you know the other party is using one. If you are the first to say “look at this trade value chart” than they can attempt to take advantage of you - know you use it.

how would they take advantage of me with it? i feel like its either something theyd disagree with completely or they look at the values as close. I mean the values of players involved in trade talks all seem to benefit me. Like i said i feel like they dont rate the rbs as high in value as they are in fantasy needs

any last thoughts before i leave work and probably dont look before games again?

One thing that it doesn’t take in consideration is who is available to pick up post trade. I typically have someone in mind that I’m going to pick up if the trade is accepted & processed.

The trade value charts can be useful as a sanity check but they are just a reference point. Far more important is what each owner’s situation is. Also, keep in mind that if you are doing a 2 for 1 trade you can’t simply add the values of the two players together. You have to discount the 2 player side.

If CBS over or undervalues a player and you share that assesment, it creates a possibility to take advantage when someone has a counter view.


I want to trade you player A (CBS value 120) for your player B (CBS value 90). You align with consensus and feel similary about those players. However I have a contrary view and actually value player B more than player A. If you look to the trade values you personal assessment will be confirmed.

Now image this trade was Antonio Brown (A) for Courtland Sutton(B) in June or July before the AB meltdown. Most would have thought that was a slam dunk at the time for AB. Some keen fantasy analysts would have steered you towards this type of counter view. If I know you use a specific trade value system than I can make bets against it.

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I use the cbs chart on a weekly basis. I think the accuracy is there and it helps to either confirm my trade offers or to talk myself out of a bad deal. I consult this and fantasy pros before I make any trade. That said, sometimes you gotta go with your gut even if the valuations are off.

Thanks for all the replys guys you all reaffirmed my thoughts pretty well, I think its basically a tool and like any tool you need to use it properly for a good result. More of a sanity check glad to know that some people at least look at them outside of me.