Cee Dee Lamb a bust

is CeeDee Lamb a bust? i am thinking of trading him, he has not looked like the focal point in that offense that i thought he would

I also have Lamb and it hasn’t felt great. If you trade him, make sure you get value otherwise I would hold on

Lamb is not a bust, imho.

Dallas has not had over 27 pass attempts since playing TB. The rush game has dominated since week 2.

I personally would keep Lamb.

i might get rodgers/melvin gordon/michael thomas for tannehill/carson/lamb. i am pretty stacked at WR
need some help at RB but don’t know if carson will recover

That trade is gross. Definitely do not do it.

It seems like not having Gallup to take the lid off has done the opposite that we thought it would. Everyone was like oh it’s more for Lamb now, but the Cowboys were like hey we have two good TEs, a good line and two awesome RB so lets lean on that instead of throwing 40 times a game.

Two games ago Lamb could have easily had two touchdowns. (Just short on early catch, and wide open on Wilson’s td). Had he done that we would just be talking about him having a disappointing week this past week. Cowboys D has also been better than advertised but things can always change.