Ceedee for Lockett

Thinking about offering Lockett for ceedee or Lockett and jRobinson for ceedee and hunt/montgomery. Thoughts on this?

full ppr, bump for advice

You’re trading too much just for Lamb I think. He hasn’t really done much. However, Lockett is super boomy, but busts as well. I’d ask for maybe a better WR, or if you really want CeeDee, offer a different WR. I have no idea what you have on your team, so if you could provide that info, that would help out immensely!

its a 2 RB 3W/T and a flex league.
My WRs are Ridley, Moore, Deebo, Lockett, C Davis, M Thomas, Patterson
RBs are Cook, J Rob, Patterson, Gio and Ty’Son

my thoughts are both guys are fairly even but I feel like Lamb has commanded more of a target share. Another big factor is that it is a keeper league and CeeDee would be able to be kept for an 8th round pick next year. Then I considered trying to snag an RB as well because he has Chubb Hunt Montgomery Harris and Moss…

You’re team is excellent and I honestly don’t think these trade help you that much. I personally think you can get more for Lockett than CeeDee Lamb