CEH and Hockenson trade

12 team 1st year dynasty 1 QB 1 PPR IDP no SF no TEP

I was offered TJ Hockenson and a 2022 1st for Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I already own Kyle Pitts. My current notable RBs are JT, CEH, Najee, Mike Davis, and Nyheim Hines.

Would it be wise to accept this trade and flip Pitts or Hockenson for a RB or WR of more value later due to the scarcity of elite TEs?

No on the trade. In our league with the same settings, CEH went for the 1.09, 1.10 and Adam Thielen. Ask for another pick or another lower tier RB/WR.

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With it not being tight end premium I’ll say no. You already have your tight end to build around.

If you needed a tight end it would be really interesting but it’s stuff that is really more valuable to someone else in your league than you.

Acquiring a guy to trade is dangerous too, I’d be concerned about the guy with hockenson needing to approach the pitts owner to get the value he wants - perhaps your league mates simply aren’t paying for TE and he’s hoping to make it your problem.

So in summary I’d keep my rb with huge upside and really good floor and my young franchise TE and let others try see what they can turn second tight ends and a pick into.


Thanks guys! Very helpful info! I’m keeping what I’ve got.