CEH, Cook, or Kamara in 5 position?

Would you draft CEH, Cook, or Kamara drafting in #5 spot (10 team, standard scoring)?

I draft 5th in a 12 team half PPR league. I am choosing to take CEH in this spot if he is available.
The closest 2nd for me is Kamara because we have seen him be a #1 RB and we know his offense will perform.
The difference maker is I think CEH will be more of a work horse in the offense. Kamara is a very effecient runner and doesn’t get as many touches as other backs in this tier.

What are your thoughts? Are you leaning a certain way?
Cook isn’t as appealing for me because of contract tension, injury risk and his offense isn’t as impressive.

I have been planning on Cook all along but with his contract situation I am having second thoughts. Kamara is good but after last year, there is obviously downside. CEH is the running back on perhaps the best offense. To win a league, you have to draft for upside so I am thinking CEH has a high floor and more upside than the other 2?

I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been close to winning my main league 2 years in a row. I’m taking the risk and putting my chips in with CEH. Andy Reid, the front office, everyone says CEH looks great and is the guy.
If he doesn’t get hurt I think he has top 3 upside. I’m here for it.

In a full PPR I think there is a argument for Michael Thomas as a safe pick but I don’t think he repeats what he did last year.