CEH for ARob and Fournette?

I’d be the one giving up CEH
12 team ppr league

My current team
QB Wilson
RB CEH Hunt Kelley Robinson David Johnson Edmonds and Murray
WR Evans Crowder Hollywood
TE Goedart Sample

IR Bell

What do you guys think about getting Fournette and ARob?

I think if you give up CEH youll end up with a team of RB2/Flex options and no real RB1

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@Shawnscaggs would u trade CEH for CMC? That team lost Mostert also so his only RBs are Kerryon and Jeff Wilson

If you think you can survive the 4-6 weeks without CMC sure

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Between Hunt/Kelley/David Johnson, I think you can survive until CMC comes back, but give you’re WR’s, I think I might actually consider trading CEH for Fournette and Arob, or counter for an upgrade at WR over Arob. Especially if the CMC/Mostert Owner has a few decent WR options, or maybe the Barkley Owner even…

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@MKlossing The CMC team has Keenan Allen AJ Brown and Robby Anderson

The Barkley team has DHop AJ green Marvin Jones and N’Keal Harry

I’m considering ARob but idk who to add to receive, the players I was thinking were between Fournette Mixon Lamb or Mike Williams

The only other WR I could swap ARob for on that team is Lockett

If you could swing CEH for Arob and Mixon, I think that would be good. Mixon is getting the touches and they will have to turn into more production pretty quick here. AJ Green is looking a little better each week, which should be good to open up the field for Mixon. No expert here, but to help out the WR core, I would go with that if they would except it.

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Only move CEH for a top 5 WR. Otherwise move hunt, Robinson or DJ for someone close to allen Robinson

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@MKlossing I’m going to try offering for Mixon and ARob

@Rbins40 I could try offering CEH for Golladay/CMC/Michael Thomas any of those sound appealing? Only thing with trading for Golladay would be trading with the team I play next week but idk if that should matter.

Id stay away from trading your RB1 for someone who is injured - MT CMC Golladay(might come back this week)

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@Shawnscaggs what do you think I should do? Should I just wait till next week to make a live for depth at WR or stick with what I have?

Id try and see what you could get for Robinson… personally id want to keep him but his value is as high as its going to be. A mixture of CEH/Hunt/Robinson/Kelley/DJ can definitely hold you over until CMC is back. Maybe package 2 of your lesser RBs for a sold WR

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@Shawnscaggs Do you think James Rob for CMC is a good trade to offer? Based on how good Robinson has been?
I’d still have CEH/DJ/Hunt/Kelley/Bell

Or would u rather try Bell and Hunt?