CEH for Swift/AP and Ridley?

12 team PPR, 8 player keeper league. Start 2 RBs, 3 WRs and a Flex. Following the draft, I was stacked at RB with Barkley, Ekeler, CEH, Cohen and L Murray. Due to injury, RB is now a position of weakness. 0-3 the last 3 weeks my record is now 3-3 but I somehow still first in my division. I have been offered choice of WR (Calvin Ridley ,CD Lamb, OBJ or Golladay), D Swift and Peterson for CEH. My other WRs are Locket, Fuller, Shanault, JuJu and Gallup. Yes, this league is based out of Kansas City. My gut says to make the trade but I could use some affirmation?

I say no, although your WR will improve, impressively I might add, your RB depth will be even worse. I know it’s a keeper league, and having Ridley practically taking over for Julio is awesome but I rather have the RB depth. Don’t forget, Bell is signed for 1 year and could sign to a big contract somewhere else after this year. If looking to improve this year, I would hate to have Swift/Peterson and deciding which back to start. If I have to deal with that, I rather have to deal with that in KC than Detroit.

Good luck!

Marenco, thanks for the reply the advise proved to be very helpful. The other team just countered my decline with the following offer:

CEH and Fuller or JuJu
Ridley, Swift, AP and D Henderson

I considered countering with Gallup in place of Fuller or JuJu but also don’t want to lose the deal all together. Worse case, I get to hang onto CEH in a keeper league. Just thinking that I will kick myself if Swift breaks out.