CEH in Dynasty Startup?

I’ve got the number two pick in my dynasty startup league. I could go with CMac or Barkley (whichever is still on the board) or should I make the jump for CEH with Williams out knowing the success Hunt had?
It’s a 12-team non-ppr and there is zero chance he comes back to me so I’m debating whether to believe in the talent of CMac and Barkley or follow the offense that is the Chiefs with Mahomes.

Tough one.

Ask yourself:

  1. How comfortable you are with embracing risk in this particular league?
  2. How would this affect your draft strategy or remaining draft picks?

I don’t personally think it’s worth it. From people I respect, when they compared Barkley (a consensus slam dunk when entering the league) and CEH - it’s not really a comparison. CEH is not Barkley.

But I can see why one would make that pick. There is a massive upside in 2020 and beyond.

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Yea it’s not even close. Don’t take CEH that high.

CEH hype is real, but I’d still take Zeke in addition to CMC and Barkley over CEH, even Kamara is close. We just don’t know how the volume is going to shake out as the lead back, whereas all of the former are a lock to for 18-20 touches per game with proven proficiency at the goal line.

Well put, but my fear is that CMC going into a new system has the potential to hurt him. Barkley is definitely more talented and was drafted as such but the Chiefs just have such a great offense that 15 touches in that offense would be better than most. It will either be Barkley or CMC that falls to me so I guess I’m the end both are young with plenty to look forward to.

I’d take the consensus top RBs ahead of CEH just for safety’s sake, but who am I to hate on your personal rankings? If you like CEH on the same level as the best guys in the game (I can absolutely see why, it’s the Chiefs!) than what I’d do is see if you can trade down to the mid 1st and try to scoop up another high pick or 2 in the next few rounds. Gives you the flexibility to splurge on a top QB or TE without sacrificing depth elsewhere, and you’d be getting one of your top RBs anyway.

Yeah, I think I can make up for it in the other rounds but if Barkley is there at number 2 I’ll have to take him. CEH is high on my list solely because of his ceiling and potential. Based on the mock drafts I’m able to get some solid floor but lack ceiling which is what I see my team needing in the long run. Add in that this is a dynasty league and I’m hoping to get at least 4-5 years of use ability out of him before he starts to drop off since Mahomes will be there for 10. Maybe I’m talking myself into it more than I should out of it though.