CEH trade question

CEH owner in my league also owns Henry and doesn’t have enough rbs to fill his roster if kc doesn’t play. Hes using Henderson to replace Henry. I have cook jacobs and sanders. Who would you send in a trade to try to aquire CEH or should I just leave it alone. Full PPR

I would give up Jacobs or Sanders for CEH. The only thing I wouldn’t offer is BOTH of them. So offer either of those RBs and Cook or someone else and see if he counters. But I know if I had CEH and Henry, I’d be more inclined to trade Henry or just accept the loss and focus on next week.

Yea im not giving both up. I just figured because of the uncertainty right now I could capitalize. Looking to deal jacobs or sanders so which one of those 2 would you rather have ROS

I would probably want to keep Jacobs. I think his floor is better and I’m not sold on Sanders’ durability yet…or the Eagles in general.

Easily send an offer of Sanders for CEH.

Keep jacobs and send Sanders. How the h*ll did you end how that RB crew. Keeper or 6team redraft. :joy:

Cook was my keeper and the others were 1 and 2 round picks lol