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Celeb Bestball Usernames


Would anyone mind sharing any celeb Bestball usernames on the draft app? Particularly if they ever create custom drafts for their followers to join. I’m just looking for some unique Bestball drafts to join and maybe fanboy a little bit lol.

My username is MJG86 if anyone wants to give me a follow, I occasionally put out some custom drafts. I also follow Evan Silva from Rotoworld, his username is evanscottsilva and he puts out custom $20 fast drafts pretty regularly.

Feel free to post your own usernames and any that you know of that are good follows. Thanks!


Real Name = DRAFT username
Andy = FantasyReaper
Mike = FFHitman
Jason = JasonFFL
Matthew Berry = MattewBerry
Mike “Tags” Tagliere = MikeTagliereNFL
unknown = 4for4Fantasy
unknown = ffdynasty260
Pat Thorman = PThorman


Thanks for those!


Brit Devine = BritDevine
Scott Barrett = ScottBarrettDFB
Curtis Patrick = CCPatrick13
Mike Beers = beerswater
Tyler Ghee = TylerGhee
Mitchell Renz = MitchellRenz365
Josh ADHD = JoshADHD


Eliot Crist = EliotCrist


Jake Ciely = allinkid5
Evan Silva = Evanscottsilva
Scott Fish = Scottfish24
Ryan Hodge = Rotohobo
Tim Turner = QuanTimTurner
Mike Clay = Mclay8823