Challenging draft pick and keeper decision

12-team, full PPR keeper league, and I have the 3rd overall pick

Can only keep one:

Kelce in the 2nd
Ridley in the 3rd
McLaurin in the 4th
Swift in the 6th

And finally, who would you take at #3? Leaning Kamara but Henry and Zeke are also intriguing

I’d keep Kelce. You won’t be able to draft him with your 2nd pick for sure. There are lots of good WR throughout the draft, and you can get one with fairly close value to Ridley with your 3rd pick… or preferably go RB there.

And full ppr I’d go Kamara, Zeke, Henry. (Nervous about Henry with all those carries the last few years, along with the extended season)

Keep Kelce. You just can’t replace him. in full PPR I would snap pick Kamara. With Thomas down he is going to get an insane target share.

Kamara Kelce gers you off to a monster start on roster building.

Ridley is great value too. I’d be tempted to go with him but I think in third or fourth you can more easily get similar or at least not huge drop off scoring WR.

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I’m in the Kelce / Kamara camp as well.