Champion 2020


Thank you Mike Evans!
Has him on my bench most of the season as I was rolling with Terry and ridley. But he didn’t hold a grudge, threw him in for the big game and he produced…
Victory sealed with josh Allen still to play!!

Also I think Kelce deserves a little mention! :grin:

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Congratulations! Kelce has had an incredible year!

I just secured the championship myself. I was up on my opponent by 10 going into the Packers- Titans game. He still had Henry and Rodgers to play. . .but I had Adams. I will now be naming my next child Davante. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter haha.


:joy: :joy:
Congrats to you too.

I’m finished having kids, but maybe I’ll see if my wife will let me rename one of them?! :thinking: Just for the year!

Congrats @Duddy2019, @mock9289!

I was on the other end of a Kamara, Gaskin, D Johnson, D Adams, and Godwin whooping. Murray was their only player to underscore projections.

195 to 102 right now. I have a chance. I still have Diggs left to play, lol.

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kelce carried my team all year as well , all the way to my first :trophy:… congrats fellow champs!


hey ya’ll… im looking to gift a 2020 championship ring and when i posted a new thread, no one responded. two of yall in here won last year, if either of you want a free ring, first one to respond gets it. shipping cost is on me. i just want to pay this thing forward!

Will you post to Ireland! :grin: