Championship: Confident in Dak?

Right now I have no backup QB on the off chance that Dak sits. So far the consensus seems to be that he’ll play anyway, but not sure if he’ll be worth starting with a title on the line if he’s playing hurt. If I get a 2nd QB for insurance, the choices at the top of the list are Wentz, Trubisky, Fitzpatrick, Dalton, Lock, Minshew and Haskins. A lot of these guys have good matchups. Thoughts? TIA

I would definitely play Fitzpatrick if you’re gonna pivot. He has been playing on another level since building a rappor with Davante Parker, and I think most importantly for him he has the trust and backing of the coaching staff. He has an excellent match-up against the Bengals and he’s at home so he should have an excellent game. Look at weeks 9 and 13, when he’s at home against poor defenses he’s been very impressive. Start him with confidence and a safe floor of around 200 yards and 2 TD’s

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Thanks, I was leaning towards Fitzpatrick or Wentz at first but was hesitating because most of the above look like they could have big days, Dalton and Lock especially.

Hopefully it won’t come to that and Dak will be fine. But always good to have a Plan B.

I think Dak plays. A report came out saying that a QB had a similar problem ( AC joint) issue and it didn’t affect his play ability.

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I saw that too, IIRC that was Dak’s backup. But will he play as well as he has been or will one of these FAs play better?

I think if healthy he is Top ten play, Philly D is no bueno… I would go with him. Trust the process

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Between this and the down game he had through the air last week is anyone starting to worry a lot more about Amari Cooper and how effective he could be against the Eagles bad secondary.

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I am, and that’s not even the issue I have with it. First of all, it’s a division game, anyone who knows their football knows those games are impossible to predict (See Drew Brees weeks 10 and 13). And then there’s the injury to Dak, the game plan may very well be to throw at a minimum and make Philly beat Zeek. Which is in the realm of possibilities, add that and Coopers negative play of late and you get a guy who’s too risky to start in a Championship. Problem is, I could be dead wrong and he could have 11 catches for 130 yards and a TD…also in the realm of possibilities, so I say flip a coin or go with your gut lol

I’m in the exact same boat with Dak as my only QB as well. The best options on the waiver wire are Minshew

Any recommendations out of those 4 as someone to pick up just in case Dak can’t go for some reason on Sunday?

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Out of those 4 I’d probably take Dalton because MIA D, but also because I’m betting the Bengals will cut him in the off-season and he needs to show the other 31 teams what he can still do so someone will sign him.