Championship decisions

So I made it to the championship, praise the lord and I’m stoked on my team except for my flex spot. I played Dez last week and was bummed out by his performance but honestly not surprised. I picked up Keelan Cole off waivers and I got mike Wallace and Goodwin on my bench as well. Can’t decide between Wallace and Cole

It’s Dez all the way for me. Zeke is back and this offense will go back to normal now. The Rams just put up 42 points on the Seahawks defense in Seattle.

Full disclaimer: Disgruntled all season Dez owner here. :angry:

Zeke was there thru week 9 and Dez was no better weeks 1-9 than he has been 10-15. That being said, I also have Cole, Funchess, and Goodwin on my bench and I am leaning towards giving Dez another shot.

I see what youre saying I just worry about daks mojo you know?

Ya I agree Dez has been kinda meh season. I kinda see him as the floor play where I’m probably gonna get 10 points in ppr while I see Cole as the ceiling where I could get 2 points or 30