Championship Defense play

In the championship game and curious which is a better defensive play, Patriots or Browns?

I really should change my avatar because I keep leaning in favor of Bills decisions lately :joy:

Regardless, I truly believe the Bengals will score less/have less yards than the Bills this week. Turnovers can be quite unpredictable so I can’t speak on that, but the Browns are really stout at home. Tough call, good look man!


I like the browns as well
No AJ Green and no Boyd all they have to do is focus on mixon and put a safety over the top of ross.
Browns @ home and you know they want embarrass they’re ex head coach. I think they’re D has a nice floor this week

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I like the Browns as well, Bengals are a hot mess and as mentioned above they will want Hue to suffer a bad beat coming back to Cleveland, they’ll play hard for sure.


I agree with the others…Browns are def a better play here…I’m hoping Denver will come through for me against Oakland this week…really want to pull the upset against my buddy in the Championship.

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Yeah I’ve been playing Bills for the past 4 weeks, but now playing DEN. Picked them up around the same time to save for this week vs OAK. Had figured on playing them more but BUF became a monster and couldn’t bench them. LOL

Anyway…so…yeah…going with DEN this week for the WIN!!! :crossed_fingers:

(CLE is still available…would y’all go with them over DEN???)