Championship fumble... lead blown

Why fantasy football hates me I have no clue… first championship game I’ve ever been in…
Lead the game the whole time up until the last game of the night…as I watched Williams VS Carson our last two players of the night battle it out only to fall short… heart broken :broken_heart:


Oh wow. In our PPR league, Williams got 25, Carson got 24. MAN!!! You’d have taken your opponent by ONE FLIPPING POINT!!! :disappointed:

(Amazing how much difference different scoring formats can make!!!)

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I know I noticed that in my other league where I had opposite sides of the roster. Broke my heart even more… plus his Gurley 0 had me thinking it was a win forsure…worst part about it all is last minute I substituted Cooper for Ridley… gave up that 15 points for 2 points… wrong move by me :broken_heart: #AlwaysNextYear

Man thats rough and he had Gurley in his lineup! Coopers dud of a performance didn’t help you at all

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I know what you mean. I have Gurley as well, and picked up Damien night before last, just in case Gurley didn’t play…which is what I was fully expecting. Threw Damien in about 10 before game time. So…even if Gurley had played a full game, I prob didn’t do worse with Damien.
BUT…like an idiot…I let the TB/DALmatch-up get me nervous and ended up sitting Evans and playing Lockett. (I also have Russell and was thinking it would be a good stack, especially with not expecting Evans to pull off a big game).

So…now I’m going into tonight’s game needing DEN to put up 25 flipping points!!! :roll_eyes: :smirk: :unamused:

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As a raider fan and studying them often. It’s a good possibility with the amount of times Carr will be sacked and pressured possibly leading to fumbles or an int or two. Best of luck to you my friend :muscle:t3:

TY a mil for the good thoughts!!! Not getting my hopes up, but…LOL…seen lots of DST’s pull off HUGE games this year. So…who knows??? Anyway…thank you my friend!!! :+1:

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