Championship Game against Zeke, should I start Dak?

My only reasoning for starting Dak would be to soften the blow of a receiving Zeke TD, thoughts?
non-PPR, Alex Smith other QB option.

I’d prob play Alex Smith over Dak just because of matchup. But it’s close. As if you think zeke being back will give Dak more options to play action then I would be fine going with him .

I wouldn’t play Dak just to lessen zekes passing TD output … this isn’t kamara we are talking about .

Zeke has 9 TDs on the year and only 2 came as passing TDs … so most likely he will just get rushing TDs.

I appreciate the input, I’m leaning that way as well especially with Tyron Smith’s uncertainty

Mulling Mixon over Mckinnon now